8.13.20 ~ the standard of beauty

On August 13th of last year I was compelled to writing about confidence and how the different standards of beauty have such a large effect on the way we see ourselves and others. I decided to share how I felt with my followers and anyone else who happened to see it… in just a few days I looked at the stats of the post and realized it had gotten the most engagement out of any of my other posts, although it was not the likes that had excelled past those of my other posts, it had been shared around 3x as much as any of my other posts. Not only that but the amount of people that had messaged me letting me know just how much they needed to see something like what I had posted and how much it helped them was so mind blowing to me. I didn’t expect it to be able to touch people the way it did but words cannot explain how happy I was that it did.

Here it is:

just because someone else is considered beautiful that does not mean that you can’t be either. we constantly compare ourselves to others and get mad or hurt when we do not find ourselves having the same features as them. we act as if we have to have the same body as them, the same nose, or hair, or skin tone as them or else we cannot let ourselves be happy with how we look. but then, when we see all the people we consider beautiful, you’ll notice that many of them don’t look alike. why is it that we allow ourselves to see the beauty in others but then push it away when it comes to our own bodies or faces ?

searching for ways to be happy with yourself by constantly beating down and judging yourself for every little thing you consider a flaw, because other people are insecure about it which then causes you to believe you should be ashamed as well, only leads to more harm and negative thoughts being fed to your brain.
it is impossible to please everyone in a society that is never happy.
models can be skinny and be considered beautiful, but if we see ourselves as skinny we tell ourselves we need more curves. or society sees us and tries to tell us that it is not healthy or not beautiful.
women can have beautiful curves but right when we see them on ourselves we tell ourselves that we are “fat” or are gaining too much weight.
of course, being cautious of your own and other’s health is important, but we tend to let that go when it comes to our mental health.
we allow ourselves to bully us and other people for not looking how we would want to look, even if we have the same body.
the standards of beauty all around the world differ majorly and even if there is nothing wrong with you, people will always find a way to judge you.
it is not your job to please everyone. the only person you should be worried about pleasing is yourself.
that does not mean to change yourself because you are not happy; it means to learn to be happy with yourself as you are, and then become happy enough to want to change yourself for the better so you can grow and be healthy.
want for yourself to be happy and healthy, and the confidence and attraction will follow.

Sharing my thoughts to help myself and others grow, through my own experiences and takeaways. <3