2021 — A Year of Growth and Reality — January 30th, 2021 — Progress

When you put your mind to something and you’ve been planning on doing it for a while but never really ended up commiting but then finally came around to it and really notice the difference, it fills you with so much happiness. It’s a different form of happiness that you could get from hanging out with your friends or seeing a dog on the street, it’s like getting the best compliment you could think of receiving from the person who’s acceptance matters the most to you. I such a great feeling of accomplishment because you’re able to be proud of yourself and the work that you did all by yourself.

Times like these continue to motivate me whenever I’m catch myself not wanting to do my work and letting myself get distracted with social media or something else. But feeling productive and finally having everything done to then relax without the worries of deadlines lingering in the back of your mind is so worth the wait. I was able to get so much work done today that isn’t due for a few more days but I knew that if I waited I would have gotten too caught up on my phone, with work, and any other plans I had. I made sure to ask for Monday off of work just in case I didn’t end up finishing before the weekend was over and I ended up getting too much work during school to not be able to finish it whenever I wasn’t in class.

I’m really proud of myself for teaching myself to get the productive mindset that I’ve wanted for the longest time but was never consistent enough to really be able to engrave it and make it a lifestyle. I know it’s only been a few days but having things like these posts to help keep me accountable has really helped and I really am serious about my success so I want to be able to do whatever I can to ensure it. I know that when I’m older I won’t have to worry about assignments being due on certain days by 11:59 p.m. and even if I am lucky enough to own my own business and work for myself, I’m still going to have to hold myself accountable for getting work done on time. I don’t want to be working all the time so while I’m teaching myself to be productive, I’m also teaching myself how to be balanced; learning how to still have a social life, while keeping school and my job as the priority, as well as my mental and physical health.

I’ve been having a hard time finishing up this last assignment even though it is really easy and most of it is done, I just need to restate the information I have and revise to make sure it fits the rubric and flows well. But, I feel like when I see things as easy it ends up making me want to work on them less because I feel like I’d be able to put it off until last minute. I didn’t want to resort back to my phone so I ate and drank some water to help give some more energy back and decided that I should write this because I already know what I wanted to write and what the outcome of the day would be, instead of waiting until at least past 11 p.m. If after this I’m still not able to focus, I’m going to work out to get that out of the way and give me more energy to want to get stuff done. I saw this post that said that when you can’t focus on work and don’t want to do it, it’s not really because you don’t want to do the work itself, because humans naturally want to do work, it’s just that you’ve been sitting for such a long time that the thought of having to sit around some more and not be active and moving around makes you not want to do the work. (I’m 100% sure I didn’t word that correctly but I still think like it sorta still gave off the message I was hoping so it’s okay) I usually feel really good after a work out and I’ll either feel really tired to where I’ll be able to fall asleep and wake up early tomorrow to work on it or I’ll have the right amount of energy to be able to sit down and focus again.

No matter what ends up happening I’ll be proud of myself. I hope you all had a great day and can remember to be proud of yourself for even having the strength to get up today and accomplish whatever you did, whether it was just brushing your teeth or if it was you running a marathon. No matter what, it’s an accomplishment and you did an amazing job. :)



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