2021 — A Year of Growth and Reality — January 28th, 2021 — Productivity

Today made me feel successful and gave me hope that I really do have the ability to be the type of person if I really try. I downloaded a planner app on my phone to keep track of what I want to accomplish everyday and to keep myself accountable. So far, I’ve completed all the the tasks I really needed/wanted to do that I knew I had enough time to complete easily; the rest of the tasks are flexible but I’m hoping that after I finish working out and showering I can get to the chapters of a book I have to read for school, and if I’m not too tired after that then working on a report that’s due Monday.

I feel so proud of myself for being productive and getting myself to move around and challenge myself rather than letting myself fall prey to distractions. I haven’t felt this good physically and mentally in a while and I’m really loving the feeling. I’ve forgotten how good it feels to be productive and active. For months I had been “wanting” to be successful and feel accomplished at the end of the day, through not procrastinating and working out but I would rarely actually even try to put in the little amount of work that it takes.

For hours I would stare at my phone, switching between apps every few minutes because I felt bored but wasn’t sure what to do and couldn’t find something to fill the void that I felt. I’m glad I’m pushing myself to be more and do more and allowing myself to be reminded that everything that I really do want and am willing to work for is completely accessible and possible.

There’s an IB program that they offer at my school and for the longest time I’ve convinced myself that I shouldn’t do it because it was “pointless” and would be a waste of my energy because I would be forced to take certain classes that don’t focus on the major I’d like to study past my high school years. Recently though, I’ve been considering maybe doing the full diplomacy program. I still think it’s important to remember that if I don’t there are classes I can take where I’d learn more about business which would be more beneficial towards my future, but I’m proud of myself for even reconsidering and finally realizing that I’d be able to do it if I have the right work ethic which I really am working towards now and which doesn’t seem too far out of my reach.

Today made me feel great, I hope to feel this everyday and to continue to push myself to grow further as a person. I really really am proud of myself and I love that I can say that.



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