2021 — A Year of Growth and Reality — January 27th, 2021 — Support

My day was great. In the beginning, before I fell asleep, I ended up breaking down. I got so upset and sad out of no where and felt like I would explode if I didn’t l didn’t let my thoughts and feelings out. I got upset with my boyfriend over something so small but because I had all these other emotions built up inside of me it made my reactions 10x worse. He was so supportive and so willing to be there for me and to let me know I wasn’t alone. He really, truly listened and offered suggestions of what might help as well as giving me hopeful advice of a better future without as many hormone imbalances.

He’s become a rock to me that offers as much support as he can and then asking what else he could do to help even more. The fact that I’m able to say that he is my best friend and my boyfriend makes me feel so overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness that I can never seem to find the right words to explain. Thinking of him causes a million different thoughts in my mind per second, all of which have no chance of slowing down or becoming less meaningful as time goes on.

Knowing that he is there for me and really sees no point of him giving up on him, or me, or us is exactly the type of support I need to remind myself that everything is okay and will be okay. The amount of time we’ve been together and the amount of obstacles we’ve overcomed together blows my mind but continues to give me hope for whatever future we have.

The support he gives me is the support I hope everyone else to realize they deserve and to actively fight to receive and give it to others.

Knowing you have someone there changes things immensely in the process of trying to let yourself grow as a person. Having someone that pushing you to reach your best and push you past the limitations you put on yourself is something that everyone needs whether they believe they do or don’t.

Whether you are that person for yourself or it is someone else, remember to show them that you’re grateful what what they do and to remind them that they deserve so much in life.



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Ella Nich

Ella Nich

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Sharing my thoughts to help myself and others grow, through my own experiences and takeaways. <3