2021 — A Year of Growth and Reality — January 26th, 2021 — Acceptance

The day didn’t end up going how I had planned it to at. all. But… am I disappointed? No, I don’t think I can say I am. I had set an alarm for 7 am to be able to have around 45 minutes to be able to get ready and make a nice breakfast before leaving for a big exam. I ended up being too tired in the morning to get myself up that early and slept in for another 30 minutes, giving myself just enough time to get ready and make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything I needed.

I didn’t end up being hungry during the test, and I usually don’t eat before a test even though my parents and teachers always suggest to, so it didn’t make much of a difference, if any at all. The test was felt much faster than I thought it was and it was very weird to be back on campus, but at the same time it was relaxing. I had been on campus a few times at the beginning of the school year for sports practices but there was only a few and it was no where close to making me feel like life was back to normal. This morning, even though we all had masks and had to do screenings and social distancing and what not, being surrounded by the people I used to see everyday for years and being able to talk to them like nothing had changed felt so nice.

Once I got home I was pretty hungry so I just heated up some leftovers. I wasn’t really craving anything greasy so I knew if I had anything that was I probably wouldn’t feel great. The leftovers didn’t taste as good as I hoped they would but I still felt satisfied when I was finished . I was hoping on working out either before or after finishing my school work and then going to work but the school work ended up being much more than I thought there would be so I didn’t have time to even get a small workout in. Instead, I made sure I was completely ready for work and then, while I was waiting for my ride, I put away all my clothes to not have to be worried about it after my shift.

Work wasn’t bad, it wasn’t too slow to the point where I felt bored and it wasn’t too busy to the point where I was stressed or worried. We close at 9 on weekdays but there was a group of people that came in at 9 and I didn’t feel like I should turn them away because everything was still out and it wouldn’t hurt anyone by serving them. With the 15 minute delay before being able to really begin closing, I ended up leaving around 45 minutes later than usual. It wasn’t too bad though, either way. I made it through it and I never thought to myself how badly I wanted to go home, which really was a blessing because that mindset can make everything feel 100x slower.

I was debating on whether or not I should write today because I knew there was no way I’d be able to finish before midnight, which I wasn’t able to do last night either sadly. But, I made a decision yesterday to dedicate a few minutes of each day to talking about it for myself and anyone else who may end up reading this as well.

Eventhough I had a specific plan I was hoping to follow for the whole day and then almost none of it playing out that way, I’m not dissatisfied with my day and my experience. I’m just as happy as I probably would have been if the day went the way I planned. I made the decisions I did for a reason and it’s good to remind yourself that every once in a while. There is always a reason for the way things end up happening, whether it was in your control or not. Once something happens there is nothing you can do to change it, and making yourself feel bad over it changes nothing except taking more time out of your life that you could have used to try to progress and improve with what you learned from your past experiences.



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